Brandon M. Woo

PhD Student | Psychology

About Me

Human beings are one of the most social and cooperative species on Earth. My research focuses on the origins and development of social and moral cognition. How do we come to understand others' actions and minds? How does this understanding inform how we navigate the social world and interact with other people?

I'm a graduate student and a Frank Knox Memorial Fellow at Harvard University. Currently, I'm working toward my PhD under the supervision of Dr. Elizabeth Spelke. My research is funded by a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship.

I received my BSc in Psychology from the University of British Columbia (UBC). At UBC, I completed my senior undergraduate honors thesis with Dr. Kiley Hamlin.

I'm committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in academia, and to mentoring students from all backgrounds. I was a first-generation college student myself. I recognize the important roles that my own mentors have had in my education, and I know that I may not have considered even applying to grad school if not for their support and encouragement.

Here's a recent CV.