Brandon M. Woo

Assistant Professor | UCSB | Psychological and Brain Sciences

About Me

Human beings are one of the most social and cooperative species on Earth. My research program asks how humans come to understand others' actions and minds, particularly in social contexts. Through studies of infants and toddlers, my research aims to reveal our early-emerging knowledge of other people and to characterize the developmental foundations of human learning, cooperation, and social life more broadly.

I'm an assistant professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). I'm recruiting grad students this cycle, to start in fall 2025. If you're interested in getting involved, please see my lab's website to find out more.

Here's a recent CV.


I was born, raised, and mostly educated on the West Coast of Canada. I received my BSc in Psychology from the University of British Columbia (UBC). At UBC, I completed my senior undergraduate honors thesis with Kiley Hamlin, with whom I still collaborate.

My experiences at UBC inspired me to attempt to pursue a career in science. So, I applied to graduate studies, and I found myself working with Liz Spelke at Harvard. I received my PhD in 2023. After graduating, I spent a year as a postdoctoral fellow working with Ashley Thomas.

I'm committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in academia, and to mentoring students from all backgrounds. I'm a first-generation college graduate myself. I recognize the important roles that my own mentors have had in my education, and I know that I may not have considered pursuing a career in science if not for their support and encouragement.